Saturday, September 17, 2005

A piece in the New York Times about Yuri Kuklachev's Moscow Cats Theater - Roll Over, 'Cats.' The Real Thing Is Here.

Part of me thinks that Kuklachev is a cat torturer, another part sort of knows that his cats are better off than those doomed to starve or freeze in the street - but the really big issue here is whether I should stop listening to all the wonderful Arabic, Armenian, Pakistani and Turkish music and switch to something else, in order to prevent my (yet unborn) child from growing allergic to what I love most...

You see, Kuklachev's son is allergic to cats. Isn't it incredible...

Mr. Kuklachev's son Dmitri, 30, who is a member of the troupe, interjected: "A cat cannot live in a cage. If it lives in a cage it becomes wild, aggressive." Although Dmitri performs with the cats, he is allergic to them, he said; he controls his asthma through breathing exercises.

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  1. Dear Veronica,

    Dmitri learnt the Buteyko method, which is a breathing retrainig method, and so suffers no more from allergies. see:

    Best of luck,