Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Earlier this month, my mama was buying groceries at the Mandarin Plaza supermarket. She was considering which section of the store to head to next when she noticed some commotion by the entrance. She heard the name 'Tyson' repeated over and over everywhere she turned. She asked people next to her, and they told her that Mike Tyson, the boxer, was in the store. She's no boxing fan, but she knows about Tyson and the ear bite, so she quickly moved toward the cluster to have a look.

Turned out Mike Tyson was on collision course with my mama - he was smiling to everyone around him as he walked right at her (and she right at him), and when their eyes met, mama did something that almost gave my papa a heart attack when she retold the scene to him: she smiled, then lifted her hand to her ear, pulled it very gently a few times, and winked at Tyson.

Believe it or not, but Tyson winked back at her!

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