Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Being in St. Pete felt like running into an ex-boyfriend and spending a day walking around innocently with him.

An ex-boyfriend that I spent years with and then dumped because I'd just had enough to bear it any longer. A beautiful boyfriend - but totally fucked-up, irrepairably fucked-up.

After a few years apart, it feels nice, even wonderful, to hang out with him - he's a sweet guy or else why would I have wasted all that time on him. Some of that time was way cool, by the way, and it's awesome to recall things now. But it's as wonderful to realize that it's over and I don't have to return to this guy.

This is what St. Pete felt like to me - after living there for two years and being away for seven months. Couldn't find a better comparison than this...

I'll post some photos later - I don't have many, but St. Pete loves being photographed, so I do have enough that I like a lot.


  1. I feel the same way about some of my exes

    09.07.05 - 6:15 pm

  2. Cool post Veronica, Finding your way home.

    09.08.05 - 7:36 am