Monday, August 29, 2005

A bunch of Kyiv skinheads beat up a yeshiva student yesterday night - in an underground pass near the relatively fancy and relatively new mall, Mandarin Plaza, three minutes away from the synagogue and as close to my Bessarabka home.

The Jewish guy is in critical condition.

When I read about stuff like this, I can't help thinking of the 9-year-old Tajik girl killed by skinheads around the corner from where we lived in St. Pete, back in 2004. I still can't get over it.

I hate them so much.


The Haaretz reports that our police do not think the attack was motivated by anti-Semitism - and this, too, reminds me so much of Russia. The irony, of course, is that we Ukrainians like to believe that we are so different, so incomparably better than the Russians... Right.


In the Haaretz Talkback section, someone calls the Israelis to boycott Chicken Kiev.

Another guy doesn't have the brains to read past the headline and accuses the Haaretz of being anti-Semitic:

Your heading to this attack in the Ukraine is a joke - yes?????? If not anti semitism than what do you bright sparks at Haaretz call it - I would really like to know. Your paper gets more and more unbelievable. Your hatred of your fellow Jew is so rotten, and you go on and on and on ....................................

The headline, of course, reflects the view of our glorious police, not that of the newspaper (Ukraine: Attack on yeshiva men not motivated by anti-Semitism).

Finally, at least one person over there seems to think that the drunk skinhead jerks have been following the news of the disengagement drama:

These skinheads are just following Sharons example.

If Jews expel Jews from their homes why can`t we?

If Jews can destroy Jewish synagogues why can`t we?

If Jews can remove Jewish graves why can`t we graffiti them?

If Jews can arrest 13 year old girls for months without charges, why can`t we beat them?

These are questions we must think about before blaming the Ukranians.

I don't know why I'm reading this trash...


  1. preach!

    08.29.05 - 11:17 pm

  2. Is this the same incident as being reported by RISU or another one? I ask because one was in an underground pass, the other I think on the street.;7042/

    I would like to see Catholic/Orthodox leaders come out against it.

    08.30.05 - 3:10 am

  3. Yes, it's the same incident.

    Mandarin Plaza isn't a hotel, by the way. (I've never been inside any of their stores, except for the supermarket - it may look unaffordable to most people, but they've got lots of stuff that's as cheap as anywhere else, and the service there isn't your average rude gastronom saleswoman type of thing, and I've seen a few "low-income" babushkas from our house doing their tiny shopping there.)

    Anyway, the underground pass near Mandarin Plaza (you turn to Basseinaya from Shota Rustaveli, where the synagogue is, and walk a little toward Bessarabka) is surprisingly gloomy at night. I myself felt quite uneasy walking though it with a friend this past May - and we don't look anywhere as "exotic" as Hasidic Jews do...

    I do hope the guy gets well soon - and the bastards get their asses kicked, one way or another.

    08.30.05 - 11:57 am

  4. Ukraine's president condemned the brutal beating of a Jewish student in the capital and ordered senior officials to take personal control of the case Tuesday. tmpl=...jews_attacked_1

    Yushchenko said in a written statement that he condemns racism and xenophobia in all of its forms. He called the incident shameful. featuresart...275CE25726.html

    08.31.05 - 5:00 am

  5. Truthfully, I do not understand why there would be ANY skinheads in any part of E. Europe after the devastated toll in human life that was caused by the Nazis. I would appreciate anyone who could explain this to me. Just as I do not understand how there could be even a single socialist or communist in any of the countries of the former USSR. Again I would appreciate it greatly if anyone could explain it to me.

    08.31.05 - 5:03 am

  6. nazis and neo nazis arent the same thing... just as skinheads and nazis arent the same thing... yes they all have idiotic ideology, but not the same group of people.

    moreover, it is my understanding that not everyone in eastern europe hated communists and even if they did... these people spent their entire lives growing up in a communist state - and in some parts of eastern europe - standards of living were actually better than they are now. although i dont agree with their ideology, why would there not still be communists in eastern europe?

    09.01.05 - 8:40 pm