Thursday, July 28, 2005

Ukrainska Pravda's "Leonid Amchuk" comes up with Part 3 of the Son of God series - this time in Russian, not Ukrainian, for some reason.

Irina Gerashchenko, Yushchenko's press secretary, has a tough job. Here's some of the bullshitting she has to do to save Victor Yushchenko's ass:

- BMW M6: Andriy Yushchenko is going to pay "over a thousand dollars a month" to rent this car from a friend. (According to Ukrainska Pravda, if you decided to rent a BMW that's nowhere near as fancy from a local rent-a-car place, you'd have to pay from $250 a day to $40 an hour.)

- Apartment: Andriy Yushchenko rents an apartment that's more than 200 square meters for "several hundred dollars." From a friend. Across the street from where I voted for his father three times last year. (According to Ukrainska Pravda, if you decided to rent a place nearby through an agency, you'd have to pay either $2,200 a month for 108 sq. meters, or $2,000 a month for 80 sq. meters, or $2,800 for 170 sq. meters.)

- Job: Andriy Yushchenko "works as a manager in two successful construction and insurance companies." He's responsible for "finding clients, drafting documents, and for interaction with clients." He makes "several thousand dollars a month."

Fuck it. I wanted to write some kind of a conclusion, but fuck it. I'm voting against them all in the upcoming election - until they either learn how to hide their oranges well, or how not to react to accusations like complete idiots.


  1. Do you think that this scandal is the real reason why Pres. Y's trip to Georgia has been postponed and a story about an attempted bombing planted as a cover?

    07.28.05 - 12:47 am

  2. Mishah did think so: Yushchenko said at some point that he had known about their plans to attack him through his son. But, Mishah says, it would've been better if he hadn't known about it - he could've been forgiven then for reacting the way he did...

    I thought it had something to do with Putin, his relations with Georgia, and our relations with Russia: Zinchenko goes to Moscow to discuss God knows what, and Yushchenko cancels his trip to Georgia, to please Putin.

    But, whatever it was, I don't think there are too many people out there now who care about his postponed vacation...

    Nice to see you commenting here again, Hello. I wish the situation were more normal, happier, though...

    07.28.05 - 1:37 am