Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Istanbul is a wondrous city, enormous, endless, and I always feel desperate about leaving it - my last few days in the city are always a torture.

This time, I have walked what seems like half the city in two days - though, of course, I've probably just covered one or two percent of Istanbul... On the last evening, I literally couldn't stop walking, promising myself I'd take a bus back at the next stop and then walking past it, and on, and on, and on; I ran out of money on my cell phone, and Mishah was about to go to the police when I finally showed up at the hotel around 9 pm...

I really hoped that, through so much walking, I'd get used to Istanbul to an extent that it would become slightly boring, a bit too familiar - and I wouldn't miss it so much when I leave. But I'd need a year for that, at least, not two days.


I had nothing to do one afternoon, so I counted the days we've spent in Turkey over the past six years: nine trips and 70 days. Seems too little and too long at the same time, somehow.


Anyway, here're two more pictures, from my two last days in Istanbul - one was taken on July 1 in EyĆ¼p, the other on July 2 just off Istiklal:

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