Tuesday, June 07, 2005

So, for some reason, I'm feeling really lazy about writing now...

Here's another little recycle from my Dear Diary - March 2004, when we still lived in St. Pete but I was in Moscow helping a friend cover Putin's re-election. The note has nothing to do with politics, though - it's about Moscow and one of those very rare instances of "the kindness of strangers":

A young cop is napping in a crowded subway car. At one of the stops, however, he gets up from his seat and offers it to an elderly man who has just entered the car.

"No, no, no," protests the elderly man, waving his hands and all. "Please don't get up! You must've worked all night, you must be very tired - you need to rest!"

But the young cop insists, and the elderly man sits down eventually.

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