Thursday, June 02, 2005

I did hear about it but never paid too much attention: there are at least two youth movements called Pora! in Russia and each one has been reported to claim to be more authentic and viable than the other, more capable of bringing down Putin's regime.

Tonight, I've noticed this picture on someone's LiveJournal - from a rally in front of the courthouse where Khodorkovsky's sentence was being read for the past two weeks:

Needless to say, the orange Pora! flag in the middle of the picture reminded me of Yushchenko's Nasha Ukraina logo:

Back in January, I translated an interview with the guy who had designed all the orange stuff for Yushchenko - Dima Maksymenko. I doubt he now works for the aspiring Russian revolutionaries; I'm sure their logo is an imitation. Or is it plagiarism? Either way, how can one take them seriously? Them or them? Why can't they unite? Or at least pretend to unite?

Pora! Movement

Pora! A Russian Youth Movement


Not that I can really tell the two Ukrainian Pora! movements apart, not that I really care about it... All I know is that first these guys managed to get us all out into the street and then, after it was all over and Yanukovych was history, they decided to split...

"Yellow" Pora

"Black" Pora!

I don't even know for sure which one of the two Pora!'s decided to turn into yet another of Ukraine's 126 political parties - but Roman Zvarych wouldn't let them... The "Yellow" one, I guess - I saw these anti-Zvarych stickers on every fence in the center of Kyiv during my recent visit home:

Time to Understand / Watch Out for Zvarych! / HE'S LYING


  1. 'The World' on NPR had this story today: 02.shtml

    06.03.05 - 2:44 am

  2. Ah, and I've still got the little Pora! badge on top of my blog - and I don't know which Pora! it belongs to...

    06.04.05 - 11:44 am