Wednesday, June 08, 2005

According to (in Russian), something's brewing in Daghestan, something not good.

Watching the news from there has been a little like following the situation in Iraq - the spirit of it if not the scale: people are getting killed regularly - and after a while this seems like the norm; there's nothing you can really do about it - but at least you don't have to live there...

After Dawood Magomedov, a law enforcement official, was shot dead in Daghestan's capital Makhachkala yesterday, public discontent turned more evident:

"People are standing at his [Magomedov's] funeral, cursing Daghestan's leadership," said [Jamaluddin] Gamzatov, representative of the Khasavyurt administration, in a interview.

According to him, "it smells like a riot" in Makhachkala.

"There's a great many people here enraged because someone is getting killed every day," said Gamzatov.

There've also been unconfirmed reports of extra troops being moved into Daghestan.

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