Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A story on Ukrainian migrant workers in the Ukrainian edition of Expert Magazine (in Russian):

- Seven million Ukrainians have worked or work abroad; of the 28-35 million workforce, every fourth person works abroad; Italy, Portugal, Spain are the favorite destinations.

- In Russia: 200,000 Ukrainians work in construction in and around Moscow; 300,000 work in oil production; 1.5 million work in other fields; former Russian premier Yegor Gaidar said: "If the labor migration from Ukraine stops, public transportation in Moscow might stop as well."

- These countries have signed relevant agreements with Ukraine, which makes it easier on the legal Ukrainian migrant workers: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Livia, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Vietnam.

- Anna, a 42-year-old Ukrainian, formerly a chemical engineer at a defence enterprise, but, for the past ten years, a street vendor in Moscow, with no work permit. She says: "It's better to eat an illegal sandwich than to starve legally."

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