Monday, March 14, 2005

While the Ukrainian clowns are in Moscow, the Russian oligarchs are in Kyiv...

Natalya Vitrenko said this (in Russian) in Moscow today:

Russian business should understand that if politicians fail to secure the common economic space, it [Russian business] is doomed in Ukraine, it'll be thrown out of there.

Yushchenko, also today, spent nearly two hours with representatives of major Russian companies in Kyiv. Here's's take on the meaning of today's meeting (in Russian):

Having invited the Russian oligarchs to Ukraine on the eve of Vladimir Putin's visit, [Yushchenko] is making it clear that he intends to discuss the issue of the guarantees for the Russian investments directly, and not through his Russian colleague. He is making it clear that the issues of business development in Ukraine have to be considered in Kyiv, not in the Kremlin.

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