Sunday, January 23, 2005

BBC World is showing how the parliamentarians are walking - yes, walking! - down to Maidan from the Rada!

Yulia Tymoshenko is dressed in all white, just like Kateryna Chumachenko; amazing that she's walking - if I were wearing the heels she has on, they'd have to be carrying me...

Tymoshenko's kissing with Chumachenko; one of Yushchenko's kids shows off her dress to Tymoshenko - very cute...

The crowd's yelling - Peremoha, peremoha! - Victory!

Georgia's Nino Burjanadze is also very beautiful.

Now they're all gathering at Maidan...

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  1. Veronika! YOU are the greatest! I too, noticed Yulia's heels and flipped out. I keep thinking, the woman is 44 and she was nominated as "Babe of the Week" -