Monday, January 24, 2005

Abdymak has posted a laconic critique of a piece on the Ukrainian election mess that appeared in The Age, an Australian paper, as well as some background on the piece's author, Tom Mangold, and his previous Ukraine-related project, a BBC documentary called "Killing the Story," which dealt with Georgiy Gongadze's disappearance and was first aired in April 2002.

Here's part of an open letter sent to the BBC by Olexiy Stepura and Peter Byrne on April 22, 2002:

[...] There are grounds to question many of the claims promulgated by Melnychenko and his promoters, who continue to use Gongadze’s disappearance and the never-ending scandal for personal, political and professional gain.

While, our view of the case is not popular or profitable, we feel there is no alternative to reporting facts.

This explains our disappointment that “Killing the Story” again portrays Melnychenko as an oracle of truth.


We recognize BBC's right to dramatize what it perceives to be the truth, but reserve our right to criticize unfounded conclusions based on gossip. There is a high probability those behind Gongadze’s disappearance are connected to those who made and edited the recordings – a circumstance that would not contradict justified criticism of Kuchma’s regime.

Go figure, is all I can say.

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