Thursday, December 23, 2004

This is what we found in our mailbox yesterday:

Here's partial translation:


[The picture on the right-hand side is of Yushchenko lighting a Hanukkah candle on the balcony of the Kyiv synagogue three years ago, Dec. 11, 2001. The text next to the picture is an excerpt from a local Lubavitcher magazine, about Yushchenko's visit to the synangogue.]
[The magazine's name - From Heart to Heart, address, phone numbers, URL and the editors last name.]

On Victor Yushchenko's head - a YERMOLKA
[yarmulke] - a traditional Jewish skullcap (see Dec. 11, 2001, PHOTO).


According to the teachings of the Holy Orthodox Church, a Christian celebrating with the Jews has to be excommunicated from the Church! See THE RULES OF THE ORTHODOX CHURCH:

"One shouldn't accept holiday gifts sent by the Jews or the heretics, nor should one celebrate with them." (the 37th Rule of the Holy Council of Laodicia)

"If someone from the clergy, or a layman, enters a Jewish synangogue or a temple of the heretics in order to pray, he should be stripped of his holy title and excommunicated from the chuch." (the 65th Rule of the Holy Apostles)

On the reverse side, there's a mini newsletter, sort of (I'll post it when fotopages start working properly again).

Here're the headlines:

Orange Revolution in Kyiv is fed ... by the synagogue!.. (a photo of Kyiv's mayor Oleksandr Omelchenko at the Kyiv synagogue)

Who Currently Possesses Yushchenko?.. (a photo of Yushchenko with his American-born wife, Kateryna Chumachenko)

Kuchma and Yushchenko Light Jewish Candles(a photo of Kuchma lighting a menorah candle)

Our next-door neighbors are an elderly Jewish couple voting for Yanukovych. I'm sure they got this leaflet, too, and, who knows, maybe they'll change their minds and end up voting for Yushchenko, now that he's no longer a fascist but a Jew.


Ironically, Putin said this (in Russian) about Ukraine at a news conference earlier today:

The only thing we're counting on is that Yushchenko isn't surrounded by people who are relying on anti-Russian, Zionist slogans in their activity.

He could've meant anti-Semitic, not Zionist - though who the fuck knows.


  1. Ugh. Anti-semitic propaganda. I really, really hate how certain groups try to make "the Jews" the scapegoats for everything. Sadly, I still hear that sort of thing here in Ukraine.

    Growing up, I never heard anti-semitism in the US. But it's still there, usually lurking under rocks and in dark places. Or sometimes on the internet. And it royally pisses me off when someone claims to be a "Christian" and then rails against Jews as the darkest evil in the universe. . .

  2. Funny part -- I know more than a few christian fundamentalists who very much like Jews and are VERY pro-Israel. One in fact is in the process of learning Hebrew. Several factors at work here...

    1. Lots of fundamentalists secretly like the Old Testament better than the New. Heroic figures rather than "the meek shall inherit the earth" and all that.

    2. Israelis are seen as an outpost of the West.

    3. There is some belief, which I've never asked much about, that a stage toward the Second Coming of Christ is that the Jews must rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, which obviously requires a strong if not over aggressive Israel, since it would require levelling part of a mosque and royally pissing off Moslems. This faction of the fundies is, so to speak, more israeli than the Isrealis.

  3. Oo! Instalanche coming on-line...

    I don't think that fundamentalists care so much about #2 (that's more a secular neo-con thing) but they definitely care about #1 and #3. Also, insofar as they believe in the literal truth of the Bible, they have to learn Hebrew (plus, maybe, enough Aramaic to muddle through Daniel 7); and that means they have a motive to go find a Jew who can help. That means some kind of personal relationship.

    Also: #3 involves more than leveling "part of a mosque" (al-Aqsa); it means razing the Dome of the Rock on the same platform. The Dome is an ancient (691 AD!) museum of anti-Trinitarian quotes from the Qur'an. Getting rid of that thing is more a feature than a bug of supporting the Second Temple.

  4. Those Jews are supporting and spreading democracy again?


  5. Pretty good article ( - which states that still, the Kyiv syngagoue " sent invitations to both Yushchenko and Yanukovych to appear on Dec. 9 to light Hanukkah candles. Yushchenko attended with his American-born wife Katerina and two of his five children, donning a kipah, the traditional Jewish skull cap. Yanukovych skipped the event. "

    Yuschenko's actions are very cool by my standards, esp. as " Kyiv's synagogue also offered food and shelter to many protesters but officials claimed that the reasons were purely humanitarian. " and it is a bummer that Yuschenko's actions are being so smeared.