Monday, December 20, 2004

A political expert I've never heard of before, Mr. Vydrin, is now live on Era TV. He's saying that the only way to prevent or stop bloodshed is through dialogue, even when the most odious of the politicians have to be involved. He's been to Transnistria and Yugoslavia, so he knows, he said.

I'm not really trying to argue with a political expert, but my own impression is that Yushchenko has been overly eager to negotiate, even when many of the Yanukovych supporters were advocating secession. Now it seems like some of them are advocating violence - they'd rather see their country in a Yugoslavia-like mess than lose their assets - so is there really any use having a dialogue with them? What if they manage to negotiate themselves back into power, even if Yushchenko is the legitimate winner? Haven't we had enough of kleptocracy? And what's the point of wasting all that money on election then?

I think the only way to avoid bloodshed is to have people realize that none of these politicians are worth our lives - not even Yushchenko or Tymoshenko, and definitely not Yanukovych. I really hope most Ukrainians understand it.

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