Monday, December 27, 2004

Looks like we've won!!!

I came back home at 3:30 am, it's 4:30 now, and I have to wake up around 7 am...

So instead of words, here're two pictures, of Yushchenko and Tymoshenko, that I took at Yushchenko's headquarters around 2 am tonight...

Love to all,


  1. great shots, Veronica!

    "Village Yulia" is looking better than ever.

    Congratulations, I hope things settle down there a bit now.


  2. congratulations from new york. i've followed your fight for democracy while i was studying in europe and am so happy to read about victory now that i'm back in the states. you deserve it. the world needs more people like you. we're behind you.

  3. Thank you Veronica, these are the first photos that I have seen from the headquarters. I am in such a state of shock that it is hard for me to take it in and I swing between crying and smiling outrageously! I feel like setting off fireworks, popping champagne corks and 'talking' to the millions of dead souls letting them know. Hoping they can somehow 'see'. They hoped, believed, fought for such a day as this! Slava vam! Molodsi!

  4. Wow, look at the color of her eyes!


  5. Neeka,
    Congratulations to you and your smart, courageous friends! I am new to your blog and am cheering you from Grand Rapids, Michigan USA. ---david

  6. Congrats - I've been out of it for the last few days. Any news on this apparent attempt to contest the result from Yanukovych? Sounds like you still may not be in the clear. Fingers crossed at this end anyway...