Saturday, December 18, 2004

It took me a very long time to get used to Tatyana Korobova's style, but now I can easily get through each of her lengthy, bawdy pieces and really enjoy it.

In her latest one (in Russian), she writes about the new/old Prosecutor General Pyskun, his bullshit pretenses and the likeliness of the emergence of many others like him in the nearest future: people who'd do everything to appear as if they'd always been on our side (Yevhen Marchuk is one such guy, and Korobova writes beautifully about him, too). She also writes about a possible new Russian scenario - to get rid of Yanukovych, somehow, in order not to let the Dec. 26 revote take place - it's now official that they tried to get rid of Yushchenko, after all, so why anything stop them? There's much more - very funny stuff mixed with some totally serious analysis.

Korobova's pieces are sort of untranslatable, unfortunately - that would require not just the skill but lots of explaining as well, and her reliance on Soviet/Russian/Ukrainian jokes doesn't help, either. There're plenty of unwomanly curses in her writing, too, but if I could read her pieces out loud to my mama, why should anyone else be scared off?

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