Saturday, November 20, 2004

Yanukovych's Friday night address on Channel 1 (UT-1) started with a flop: for one minute (60 seconds) there was either no picture but some sound, or no sound but some picture, or the sound of Yanukovych with a wrong picture, or the picture of Yanukovych opening his mouth - with no sound coming out of it... That was beautiful. My papa has taped it. Whether it was intentional or not, no one knows. But they'll have to fire some people on UT-1, no matter what, at least for a while, until Yanukovych loses the election. Maybe they were sending out a signal - we aren't as bad, as subservient to the government as you think we are, look, here we're fucking it all up for him, etc. Maybe not. Maybe it was an unintentional error made by some guy responsible for the technical aspect of it all. But it was beautiful nevertheless.

After half an hour of bullshit, there came a huge disappointment: Andriy Shevchenko, our football (soccer) superstar, endorsed Yanukovych in a pre-recorded statement on UT-1. That was disgusting and disappointing and confusing: Sheva is bigger than life; he plays for Milan and lives in Italy, his wife is American and they've just had a baby boy, he's rich, loved and famous not just here but in Italy as well - so no one can really force him to declare his sympathy for a presidential candidate who sucks big time... And yet, it's hard to believe he did it voluntarily. Oh well - shit happens. Fuck Sheva.

On the other hand, the Klitschko brothers, our wonderful boxers, announced their support for Yushchenko a few days ago - that's way cool.

And my friend told me about how The Simpsons are being translated here, into Ukrainian: they manage to squeeze in some pretty dissident stuff. It would make for an awesome story, and I hope my friend will write one, and then I'll post a link!

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    I heard about Shevchenko on the news, what a dissapointment it must be.