Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Volodymyr Lytvyn, speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, said today that there exists anti-Ukrainian conspiracy: the pro-government TV channels, before and during the election, were showing graphics in which Ukraine was divided into three parts, ranked regionally. "What else other than zombifying is it?" Lytvyn asked as he spoke about how the media had been imposing stereotypes on the people: the east leaning toward Yanukovych, the west - toward Yushchenko.

I remember Yushchenko showing that graphic of Ukraine divided during his interview with Channel 1 two weeks ago, one day after the debates: he talked about the danger of such propaganda, and the nonsense of it. I wonder where Lytvyn was then and throughout the time when the pro-government TV was doing its evil job. Who knows, maybe he's adopting the position of an extremely popular candidate, Yushchenko, because he is planning to run for president, too, along with Tyhypko and Kuchma - if there's a re-vote.

Lytvyn also said that the fact that leaders of several eastern and southern regions of Ukraine had called to creation of autonomies and federalization of Ukraine during a meeting in Severodonetsk was enough for the prosecutor general and the security service to look closer into the matter and give their opinion on it.

Meanwhile, Boris Gryzlov, speaker of the Russian parliament, said "the situation [in Ukraine was] heading toward a split or toward bloodshed. [...] I see no other way the situation could develop."

Gryzlov was in Kyiv last Friday, attending the meeting between Yushchenko, Yanukovych, Kuchma, Solana, Kwasniewski, Adamkus and some others. Today, he spoke his mind after Russian parliamentarians invited the head of the city council of Donetsk to brief them Wednesday. Who knows, maybe the guy will be arrested for promoting separatism before he gets on his plane tomorrow.

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