Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Something IS going on there, definitely. A few dozen cars with Yushchenko flags sticking out of their windows passed by honking furiously - from around the Bessarabka market, along Khreshchatyk, just one block before they turned up at Khmelnytskogo. The sound, actually, was so furious that if I were already asleep, I'd think it's an alarm clock and wake up screaming - maybe that's their goal, to wake us all up, to get us to join them. Man, but I'm not ready to go there all by myself - I'm nothing but a helpless girl, in a way - and I don't want to wake my parents up... (And I'm so sleepy... Which is so fucking selfish...)

Underneath our window on Khreshchatyk, I saw a bunch of guys, six or seven, all with orange ribbons and stuff, and they were pushing one of those very very very heavy benches lined up at the alley there. They dragged it away, towards where the barricades are. After they were gone, I suddenly realized that it was the only bench left standing there (there used to be quite a lot, I swear). As I said, those benches are terribly heavy and must be very useful for street riots...

I really hope those rumors/predictions about the police/thugs' attack at 3 am aren't true.

I've been writing this for about ten minutes, and it's sort of quiet right now...

We'll see, we'll hear...


  1. Hubby just arrived home from the center. (It's just after three.) He was inside the barricades, and they were being very careful not to let anyone in who would want to cause mischief. When he left, none of the rumored disruptions had started.



  2. Be safe friend. Grab a kitty and hold on tight.

  3. I'm sitting here at my desk in London and can barely work because I keep thinking of Ukraine. I wish I could go there to help, but I have to do what I can from here. At lunchtime I sent some chestnuts to the Ukrainian embassy. I hope they appreciate it.

    Laura Brown