Tuesday, November 23, 2004

My cell phone and my camera refuse to work properly, and now the Blogger is having some problems... I couldn't post the previous post for a few hours, and it was the same last night... Very frustrating. And my Internet connection is so slow, I don't even want to think of posting all those photos that I have...

No new developments yet - nothing is clear yet about the parliament - a huge crowd is in front of it - and I'm on my way there as well.

You should've seen the crowd walking past our windows, along Khreshchatyk and towards the Central Election Commission... This is a wonderful time here in Kyiv.


  1. Blogspot has been really slow for me too. My connection is fine for other sites. Bloggers are busy people. Taking over the world is a lot of work.

  2. I'm following the events in Kyiv closely because I'll be visiting in May, and I hope you can battle through the problems with your connection because it's very interesting to read about events from someone who's there. Keep up the good work. Greeting from Lancaster, UK