Monday, November 22, 2004

Lviv City Council has recognized Yushchenko as the legitimate President of Ukraine and will report to him from now on. That's way cool. I hope Kyiv City Council does the same - the sooner, the better.

I had to spend some time at home, to recharge my camera - the battery keeps dying after slightly more than an hour of use and I can't replace it because I've no idea where they sell the battery I need here... I can't control the quality of my pictures, unfortunately, but I do have some nice ones from yesterday and today, and I hope to be able to post them later tonight.

I'm on my way back to Maidan Nezalezhnosti - reports say there're 100,000 people there now.


  1. A travesty pure and simple. Chin up Neeka. We're pulling for you.

  2. Keep it going. Document this. Fingers crossed here in London...

  3. Hi, from Texas. Good to find your weblog. (I taught in west Ukraine for a year). I look forward to your posts for the next few days.

    Robert Nagle, idiotprogrammer