Sunday, November 28, 2004

I just got an email from my friend in Odesa. She writes that the local TV calls people who attend pro-Yushchenko rallies zombies funded by the United States. Their mayor is talking about secession, in unison with the demented governor of Kharkiv region. When I read my friend's email to my mama, she said that perhaps it's time for the wonderful Kyiv crowd to get on the trains and go to Odesa and Kharkiv, to show them we aren't zombies.

It may be hard logistically, though. Mishah wanted to come to Kyiv from St. Pete this weekend but couldn't get plane tickets - neither from where he is, nor from Moscow. Yesterday, I met a guy from Lviv who had to fly to Vienna first and, from there, to Kyiv. Mishah could've gone via Helsinki - but he doesn't have a Finnish visa.

I myself will go to the Kyiv train station tomorrow, to have a look at Yanukovych fans mixing peacefully with the orange crowd. I read about it, I saw it on TV - and, with my own eyes, I saw a totally peaceful merger of the "blue" and the "orange" by the Cabinet of Ministers this past Thursday. It's hard to believe but it does look like this country will not have a civil war anytime soon, despite some people's fears and other people's hopes.


  1. So standing up against massive vote fraud (in favor of the incumbent's choice) is being a "zombie"?

    Those TV folks in Odesa need to look in the mirror with such a label...

    As an American who's proud that his tax dollar is helping you pro-*democracy* champions in some small way, keep the faith! Those of us who are interested in the developments in your country are behind you all the way. Your blog puts a personal interpretation on the whole situation, thank you!

    John D.
    San Diego, California

  2. re: "zombies" - I suspect that the pro-Yushchenko demonstrators are typically more educated and knowledgeable than the average Ukrainian citizen. This is a movement that in a large part is university students in the economic/political/social center of Ukraine.

    Also, for those looking for more English language news

    Chatsworth Lake, CA, USA