Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Central Election Commission announced the official election results less than half an hour ago. They were showing the meeting live and it was such a shame.

The opposition representatives (there were over a dozen of them, but Katerynchuk, Zvarych, Khmara and Tanyuk are the only names I remember) stood in the corner, squeezed between the door and the TV cameras; all the chairs were taken by the pro-Yanukovych guys. Very humiliating treatment.

When Zvarych, Yushchenko's assistant (how do we say dovirena osoba in English?), wanted to sign the protocol on the results in the Foreign Voting District, he had to put the paper on the back of his colleague and write this way. It could not be more humiliating. At some point, someone from the opposition complained that one of the pro-Yanukovych thugs hit someone from the opposition "between the legs."

The results are the following:

30,511,289 people took part in the election
488,022 of the bulletins were cancelled
15,093,691 (49.46%) people voted for Yanukovych
14,222,289 (46.61%) people voted for Yushchenko
707,284 (2.31%) people voted against both candidates

Yanukovych supporters got up and began applauding when the commission signed the final protocol. They were also shouting: Yanukovych! Yanukovych! Yanukovych! None of their faces except one were recognizable to me: Grigoriy Surkis, president of Dynamo Kyiv football team, was the only one I know. They were also waving those blue flags of Yanukovych campaign.

They discussed a few other issues but I wasn't listening. The opposition was protesting loudly from their corner but the commission members went on with their business, ignoring the protests.

At the very end, the opposition AND some journalists were shouting very loudly: Hanba! (Shame!) and Yushchenko!

And that was it.

One of the journalists had tears in her eyes, another shook her head in disbelief.

Surkis was laughing loudly, not trying to conceal his joy; most of his other comrades were just smiling. One guy tried to attach a blue flag to a TV camera.

More later.


  1. This is insane... Why did they announce anything at all - surely they must know this can only lead to more trouble? Neither candidate has a clear mandate, so whatever the result it was bound to be disputed - and perhaps violently...

    And where the hell's the international community's involvement? They've been very slow off the mark on this one.

    I hope this resolves itself peacefully - good luck, and keep this updated. You've been linked to all over the shop now - Instapundit, The Guardian, all sorts...


  2. Don't give up Veronika! We're all pulling for you!

  3. Today German chancelor Gerhard Schröder said in parliament that the election was faked - gefälscht.

    Will it lead to consequences, an acting European Union ?

  4. Some "news soures" said that some Russian (not Ukraine) troops are stationed throughout the city?,1299,DRMN_32_3349952,00.html

    Some American with a Blackberry is reporting:

    "The presence of Russian troops here is a very serious international incident. This causes great tension between the US and Russia. There is simply no way these soldiers should be deployed here. "

    I'm wondering how he can tell from Russians by looking at the riot gear. They all look a like to me.

    Same reporter also said a television station filmed military units setting up artillary pieces in the city.

    Can you confirm? Have you seen this?

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  6. Thank you, from the people at DailyKos -- and for that matter the millions of us in America supporting your efforts.

    Almost as important than that is to note influential nature the Internet as it relates to mass communication on important (an unimportant) issues, even half-way across the world.

    Thank you for participating in taking your country back - and thank you for sharing your experiences with those around the world.


    Chicago, Illinois (USA)

  7. We are watching and hoping for the best for you here in America. Bless you. Don't stop.