Sunday, October 31, 2004

Maybe I'm just not used to Kyiv anymore, but it did feel so happy yesterday. Too happy. Maybe I'm paranoid, but it did seem as if people in the streets were trying real hard to make this happiness last, knowing perfectly well it wouldn't survive past today's vote.

I really hope nothing bad happens tonight.

One of my friends bought a huge flashlight yesterday - the rumor is there'll be no electricity tonight. He could also use the flashlight as a weapon, to defend himself in case there're street fights after the polls close.

Another friend, who works at Kuchma's Administration, is voting against all candidates: Yanukovych or Yushchenko, he's not expecting to keep his job (strange but he does want to keep it, even though it pays very little and kind of stinks in general). I had to tell him that if something bad happened, I wouldn't want to see him for a long long time - because I'd feel part of the blame would be on him.

Everyone else I know is voting for Yushchenko - I'm yet to meet a single Yanukovych supporter in person.

I'm off to vote now. More later.

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  1. Every person I've talked with supports Yushchenko, as well. Hubby says he's met one Yanokovich supporter. . .

    Have you seen the exit poll data at ? Yushchenko seems to be doing well at this point.