Friday, September 10, 2004

I'm posting this because it has made me laugh. And while I was laughing I wasn't thinking about the dead kids or the terrorists at the same time. I realized I wasn't when I was done laughing. It felt good. So I thought I'd share...

From Press Gallery:


blurb whore
noun. A writer who provides glowing comments for a book or film in exchange for freebies, food, or junkets.

print clone
noun. An online newspaper or magazine identical to the print version.

drive-by editing
noun. Destroying a story with a rush edit without fact-checking or calling the writer.

noun. The pundit and commentator class.

beat sweetener
noun. A puff-piece profile by a reporter whose beat includes coverage of the subject's sector.

noun. Tabloid reporters, esp. those who chase celebs and politicos as aggressively as paparazzi.

noun. A journalist who uses their connections or expertise to earn money on the side.

media culpa
noun. An admission of error by the media.

verb. To severely criticize, esp. as a member of the media.

talking hairdo
noun. A television journalist who is concerned with appearance more than substance.

(buh.NAL.uh.sys) noun. Analysis that is commonplace, trivial, or trite.

inhuman-interest story
noun. Tabloid jargon for a story about space aliens.

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