Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I pretty much know what kind of place I want Neeka's Backlog to be - but it doesn't seem right to just start posting, without providing some sort of introduction. So here's a brief mission statement, which is also a memo to myself:

I keep running into stuff I wrote a while ago - typed and printed out; typed and stored on the computer; handwritten in notebooks and on napkins; in English and in Russian; finished and unfinished; never published and never sold. Random fact and random fiction, some of it keeps surprising me when I re-read it - and I really love it when it does. What I would like to do is to "deal with" this "backlog" - by posting it here and reducing it in my head and around me.

As recently as a week ago, it seemed highly unlikely that I'd ever blog. But on March 20, the day the war started, someone directed me to Salam Pax's page - and now I'm hooked. I'm used to the format by now; I have forced myself to try to figure out the most basic HTML stuff; I'm excited about the relative lack of rules here and I hope that my inner censor will go to hell for a while.

I also hope Salam survives this war. I hope that as many people as possible survive it - and that it ends real soon.

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