Wednesday, February 22, 2006

To break the silence, here're a few pictures from our Sunday walk:


  1. I too have been on hiatus from the blogosphere, but will soon return. . .these are great photos. Love the babunja z kvitkamy, and I am glad to see that pencil-thin woman still playin' her violin on the streets of Kyiv. More than once on a weekend promenade down the trafficless Khreshchatyk have I danced a csardas or two with a willing partner to her playing. Did Marta get to hear her play? These photos are making me really excited to soon (in three months) be getting out of the US and back in Eastern Europe.

  2. Dear Veronica,

    your Blog is great. Later I write more ...

    Regards from Berlin

  3. Cool towels with cyrillic! i want one!

    Snow! Trees !

    Ah, and Street Musicians.. i just love them and give them something everytime i can, they just bring such good atmosphere to the streets. In the perfect society the Government would pay them for a the social service of making people happy. (or a little more)
    (unless the violinist is playing Shostakovich in which case everyone will get depressed sit down in a bench and cry, skip work ,etc) (Hope thats not the case!)

    Ah, wish i was a student so i would have an excuse to live in those beautiful countries.

    Thanks for the photos! It's like a "window" to Ukraine.

    And regarding the best CIS blog award, well, nothing beats your update regularity ,Veronica!