Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Yushchenko wants the Diaspora Ukrainians back in Ukraine (via AP via San Fransisco Chronicle):

In his speech in Chicago, Yushchenko thanked the Ukrainian-American community for their financial and political support during the election campaign. There are nearly 100,000 Ukrainian-Americans in the Chicago area.

He called on his compatriots to live, work and invest in Ukraine and assured his audience the country was already changing. "We will curb corruption, we will curb poverty and we will have freedom of speech," he said.

According to Gazeta.ru (in Russian), however, the reaction of the Diaspora Ukrainians wasn't too enthusiastic:

The president recommended the American Ukrainians to return home because everything's great in Ukraine and will only be getting better. The Ukrainians remained silent.

I wonder if Gazeta.ru is lying... Time will show, I guess...

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