Monday, April 04, 2005

- The runaway president Askar Akayev has signed his resignation papers in Moscow today.

- Yushchenko's meeting with Bush in D.C. - Ukrainska Pravda's reporter hasn't been allowed in because of a 20-Ukrainian-journalists quota or something; Ukrainska Pravda titled their piece on the incident "Za shcho borolysya?" ("What have we been fighting for?")...

- Tymoshenko plans to visit Russia in mid-April - but first, she'll go to Georgia, the country she considers "unusual and romantic" (via, in Russian).

- The New York Times has a very sweet piece about Kyiv (via Abdymok) - made me want to pack my backpack and head back over there right away... (I hope someone from the Times finds the time to go to Lviv and Odesa sometime and write about those places as well!..)

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