Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Condoleezza Rice is in Moscow.

Two points from a piece in the New York Times that have caught my eye...

- I wish they were more specific here - the only thing I remember about Bush's visit to Bratislava is Andrei Kolesnikov's news conference question (and the Slovakia/Slovenia confusion, of course):

But American attempts to raise these concerns have met with an icy response from Russian leaders. For example, Mr. Bush's talk about Russian democracy in Bratislava in February was said by some American officials to have prompted a lecture in return about Russian policies and even about supposed American problems with democracy at home.

- Never thought about this possibility - and it's breaking my heart: I've been envisioning Garry Kasparov as Russia's next president, you know...

[Rice] had a working dinner with Sergei B. Ivanov, the defense minister, who some experts say is a leading candidate to succeed Mr. Putin as president.

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