Thursday, December 09, 2004

I am again somewhat tired of politics, of all this "strategy that Yushchenko is likely to choose" talk, and of the "oh, there's so much to be done when we win" refrain - so much that no one really cares about the specifics.

But I'm sure we'll figure out eventually what exactly has to change here. We've just figured out the most important thing, after all: how to remind those we've elected of why they're there and what we want from them.

I've met a few people, though, who aren't enthusiastic about it all (my mother has met a few, too). "Do you really believe anything will change for the better if your Yushchenko gets elected?" - and they mean it as a rhetorical question, even though they are from Kyiv, and some live on Khreshchatyk, right next to the epicenter. It's amazing that they pretend not to notice how much has already changed.

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