Friday, October 17, 2008

What our public bathrooms do to those poor unsuspecting foreigners... Pawlina of Nash Holos had to wash not just her hands, but her feet, too, after failing to "consistently aim straight" during a pee in Kaniv. Oh boy.

On a different note, this same post has some really nice pictures from the Taras Shevchenko memorial museum.


  1. Those bathrooms are ubiquitous. Even at the Museum of the Great Patriotic War in kyiv by the Lavra, you have those filthy holes. And you're lucky if there is toilet paper. Luckily I'm a Plastun and am used to such rustic settings for answering the call of nature!

  2. Not limited to Ukraine, either. The one rest stop on the bus route between St. Petersburg and Kostia's hometown has just such a toilet, which one has to pay 8 rubles for the honor of using. I've learned to hold it til we get to our destination. :-)

  3. Yes, well, it was quite the experience.

    BTW, we weren't entirely unsuspecting but had no idea what they would look (or smell!) like.

    And no, not limited to Ukraine. A friend of mine recently went to Turkey and was told to expect the same there. So now you've all got me motivated to carve out some time soon to swap tales.

    Actually, tho, for a beginner I think my aim wasn't all that bad. I only had to wash one foot. :-)

  4. As far as Turkey goes, I should say I saw there some of the cleanest public bathrooms ever.