Monday, October 13, 2008

This basically stopped me in my tracks a few days ago:

"They fought for the Motherland"... this year's Olympics in Beijing...

Hajimurat Akkaev, weightlifting, bronze medal...

Mixing of genres done in very poor taste - because the phrase "they fought for the Motherland" is normally used when writing about soldiers who didn't survive the war...

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  1. And "Hajimurat Akkaev" is such a RUSSIAN name, isn't it?

    I wonder whether this will stop any more migrants getting shaken down by the police in the Metro, or beaten up by skinheads.

    We used to see the same thing in the UK. Barry McGuigan was always the "British boxing world champion". As my mother said, "if he was a murderer, he'd be the IRISH murderer Barry McGuigan".