Sunday, April 06, 2008

Two more pics from Chapayev St. - there's something really poignant about both of them.

Nearly every building had this invitation to visit a farmers market on Apr. 5 - and a call to pay for utilities in a timely manner:

"To the magical, tender and beloved [women] - from the true rescuers - happy March 8!" Saw this one around the corner from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, so it must be them:


  1. I really love the ex-soviet excellence in drawing childish scenes which transport you in a world of tenderness...
    I love Soviet and Russian cartoons, so powerfully artistic and vivid. (Too difficult for me to remember specific titles, sorry!)A real shame that the Disney and Japanese productions overshadow them all over the world.
    Will show your entry to Sacha...

    Have a good time in Kyiv

  2. I used to live on Chapaev street when I was in Kyiv. Specifically, on the 6th floor of #3, across the street from the Green Party. When I was there, the thugs from Bratstvo where headquartered on the first floor of my building. Anyway, your pictures made me feel very homesick. Thank you so much for posting them. I can't believe how much work has been done on the apartment building by the velodrome in the two years since I've been gone. The Pasternak marker looks new too.