Friday, April 11, 2008

Kyiv is changing really fast, and it's no longer a cozy city. Construction is everywhere. A developing country's developing capital.

Here's what we see from our balcony now:

There's another monster, already completed, very close to this one (earlier pictures are here, here and here).

Try to imagine how horrible the traffic there is going to be at 9 AM and at 6 PM, once both buildings are filled to capacity with people who drive their own cars to work.


Two more pictures of construction from a recent walk - Saksaganskogo, near Ploshcha Peremohy:


  1. You cannot expect to live in the capitol city of Ukraine and have it remain old world like Lviv.

    Kyiv is where the money is and it reflects in the development.

  2. Kyiv is not limited to its tiny center.

    Lots of space elsewhere here. Many ways to avoid infrastructure disaster. Many ways to avoid ruining a beautiful city.

    What this type of 'development' reflects on is that there's plenty of quick money in Kyiv. Hence, such an irresponsible approach.

  3. Making money is never responsible.

    Get in get out, count your money.

    Every inch - cm - is money. Its like that all over the world. Its just people in Ukraine are not used to it.

  4. I'm so very sorry to hear that Kyiv is following the Moscow model, and I couldn't agree more with your comment above. Development and skyscrapers are not inherently bad, but the way they are built here with utter disregard for the necessary corresponding infrastructure and utter disregard for the economic and cultural value of existing architecture is a crime.

  5. More monsters will come if this one gets re-elected.