Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Yulia gets 225 votes instead of the 226 she needed to become Ukraine's PM.

NUNS/BYuT coalition's got 228 people in it.

Kyiv's ex-mayor Oleksandr Omelchenko (NUNS) says his voting card was broken.

He would've "misfired" sooner or later anyway. Yushchenko should've known better.

Update: Though who knows. Maybe he's not lying. Maybe it's the voting equipment that was broken, as some BYut deputies are claiming.

And speaker Yatsenyuk has failed to vote for Yulia during the repeat vote - because some folks from the Party of the Regions took away his voting card. Fucking awesome.

P.S. It wasn't a repeat vote - but "the vote on a re-vote" (more at Ukrainiana).

Another update: Vladislav Lukyanov (Party of the Regions) admits to having taken away Yatsenyuk's voting card.

A Korrespondent.net item on this (RUS) was posted at 2:37 pm - and has received 82 comments in the first 20 minutes.


  1. Someone wrote in a commentary on korrespondent.net that Omelchenko must have confused his "proezdnoj" with the voting card. ByUT is accusing the Rada staff of sabbotage. Curioser and curioser.

  2. Kleptomania and Alzheimer are the essence of any governement in the world.
    Usually it is encrusted in layers of holier-than-thou makebelieve.
    But by admitting to it, right out from the election process, is not Ukraine inventing Transparency just like the Greeks invented Democracy 3'000 years ago?
    (Just trying to cheer you up!)

  3. Thanks, Neeka. I guess we should call Lukyanov Meteorite Man.

  4. Ok, finally the NU-NS bloc has officially embraced their English acronym--their new website address is nuns.com.ua ... Sinless, virgin nuns. I hope it won't evolve into "nunsense" any time soon.