Sunday, December 09, 2007

On Tuesday, Dec. 11, Yulia Tymoshenko may again become Ukraine's prime minister.

Or not.

Ukrainiana writes about "suspicions of sabotage from the would-be opposition" and some of the steps taken to not let it happen:

[...] Confronted with a hostile environment and a razor-thin vote margin, the Orange Coalition is offering the would-be opposition a cornucopia of political pacifiers, including the First Vice-Speaker post and control over key parliamentary committees. [...]

Ukrainska Pravda (UKR) and (RUS) have both picked up a LigaBusinessInform item (RUS) on the "enemy within" factor: this time, it's Vladislav Kaskiv, who - according to LigaBusinessInform's "reliable sources" - has recently had a surgery and is likely to skip Tuesday's vote. His absence would obviously make the already "razor-thin vote margin" even thinner.

Although Kaskiv's plans for Tuesday aren't a certainty yet, few readers at busy themselves with this consideration. Some are making guesses as to what kind of surgery he could've had - and here're their bets:

- circumcision (comment #8)

- brain removal surgery (comment #10)

- appendectomy (comment #25)

- zit removal surgery (comment #25)

- ingrown toenail removal (comment #37)

- hemorrhoids removal (comment #40)

- sex change operation (comment #55)

We here think it could have been liposuction.


  1. How about breast enlargement, or hell, even ego enlargement!

  2. Thanks for the plug, Neeka!

    Considering Kaskiv’s Porasitic behavior, liposuction would be the most humane option. Check out these vids:

    Video 1
    Video 2
    Video 3
    Video 4

  3. Kaskiv says he'll be there.

    Which kind of reminds me of that Spice Girl song:

    I'm giving you everything
    All that joy can bring this I swear
    And all that I want from you is a promise
    You will be there