Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Three months since my father disappeared. I still haven't really found a way of dealing with his death. Nor has my mother, I'm afraid. There are plenty of distractions, Marta is the best of them, but very often nothing really works.

It'll always be the 16th for me. Not the 19th, the date that they put on his death certificate. It could've been the 18th or the 20th. With the 16th, there's no uncertainty. It's the turning point, and what was before and after it seems very blurry now. Which is sort of good, I guess, because when I attempt to focus, it gets unbearably painful.


And Ukraine, too, is mourning today - mourning the 15 victims of the gas blast in Dnipropetrovsk.


  1. It will take a long time. No way of measuring it really. Everyone is different. But you knew your father for a lifetime.

  2. They say time heals. But time takes time...