Tuesday, October 16, 2007

First, someone landed on this blog via a Google search for "uzhgorod hostess and escorts." A few hours later, another person from another country stopped by in search of "uzhhorod prostitute."

And I was horrified.

Because, somehow, I've no problem with the fact that Kyiv is full of prostitutes and their clients. It's a big city, what can you do. I don't really care when someone comes here looking for prostitutes in Kryvyi Rih - mainly, because I don't care about Kryvyi Rih in the first place.

But Uzhgorod is sacred. It's my favorite Ukrainian town. I love to idealize it. It's like a tiny New York City. It's got a lot more than you expect to see and hear in such a small place.

And it's got prostitutes, of course. And they are cheaper than in the EU, obviously. And booze is cheaper there as well.

And I like to pretend that this parallel universe doesn't exist. Not in Uzhgorod.

And then some guys run through my blog and ruin it for me...


  1. You can’t fight your blog’s popularity:)!

    Uzhgorod is a border town, situated right next to the EU Curtain. That explains the demand for certain services.

  2. ..and now that you've written a post on the topic, you can expect more hits with those keywords.

    Annoying, really.

  3. Dominic,

    But even if I erased this post, they wouldn't stop going to Uzhgorod for cheap beer and sluts, right? That's annoying, yes.



    I just hope that Uzhgorod hasn't lost its charm yet, hasn't turned into a place like Vyborg. These two towns have lots in common and yet are so different. I mean, I hope they are still different.

  4. Not that it's directly relevant to sex tourists going to Uzhgorod, but Uzhgorod is apparently now the transit point for people being trafficked into the EU even from Moldova. We had a driver in Moldova last summer who said he had made lots of trips there.

  5. I could make a coffee table book from all of the keywords that have brought people to my blog. You get prostitutes? I not only get that, I get people looking for amputee prostitutes -- albeit this only happened once, and with a man looking for that kind of thing in India, but still.

  6. Veronica, As you know Uzhgorod is my second home. I have just returned after spending 3 weeks there. It is still as beautiful now as it has ever been. The biggest little city in the world.
    I understand your anger , You should see some of the comments that I get on my blog. There is a world sex site some where on line . I have had men ask me where best to go to find the so called sluts and other ladies that would attract such men. Annoying ? Yes !! Very much so.
    Cheers Patrick

  7. must be contagious -- just got a man from the Netherlands after the same thing.