Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Have been to Gidropark with Marta today. Wasn't completely a mistake - but more or less so. It is so not cosy there. But she really enjoyed walking in the Dnieper, and our first subway ride went spectacularly well, too.


At the beach, they ask you about your diarrhea, of all things:

And then offer you to drown your thirst in Sprite:


  1. thanks for the foto of Baba w/Sprite. You know the thing has grown on me a lot since having to spend a month around Peter the Great in Moscow. Did you read the New Yorker article about Tsereteli's "gift" to the Hudson River? Unbelievably, it's actually online. Hilarious. Also such bad art. But now Moscow can genuinely say, u nas ne khuzhe. the Khuzhe has been exported!!!


    Sorry your vacation plans have all been screwed. but definitely it's time for Marta to know Gydropark. Is the "gymnasium" still over there in the sand?

  2. I believe I remember reading that the statue is actually made out of titanium. As an engineer by trade, the idea of a statue made completely out of titanium makes me feel all tingly inside. It pretty much doesn't get much cooler than that, as far as I am concerned.

    Material aside, I personally think the monument is quite grand. However, if I had to choose my most favorite monument in the whole world, Rodina Mat in Volgograd would be my choice.

  3. With all the sugar in it, Sprite really doesn't drown, or even quench your thirst as well as water.

    What a contrast.

    Which way is the statue facing?