Monday, April 09, 2007

We're back in Moscow.

I hope it stays quiet in Kyiv, not just because quiet is kind of nice during revolutions, but also because, you know, I'm in Moscow.


I have a pretty huge backlog of photos, and I'll try to post them in the next few days.


I should've mentioned this on Saturday, but kept getting distracted:

A bunch of my recent blog entries and photos have been arranged in an awesome-looking story at ZUENDER, a webzine run by Germany's biggest weekly newspaper Die Zeit - Die Koalition der Gelangweilten.

I'm extremely proud and happy (and a little upset - because my German is too poor to even read what I myself have written).


  1. WOW! it is a great site indeed - major congrats!!!!

  2. The Die Zeit-Zünder article is extremely well written and a very informative piece.

    NB: I am not sure if you are aware that the webzine's name is not "Zünder" but rather "Zeit-Zünder". It's a play with words, "Die Zeit" is the weekly journal and "Zünder" means "fuse" or "detonator".

    So Zeit-Zünder is actually a time-controlled fuse / detonator for an explosive device. Hopfully this play is no synonym for the present situation in Ukraine.



  3. You are back in Moscow. :( will miss pics from Kyiv but when I read the following - thought of u in Moscow and ur story regarding customer service.

    "She sold OAO Seventh Continent (shares) because its store's workers were unable to help her change her watch battery."

    Mystery shopping as a way to check on investments - can tell alot from customer service.

  4. This exchange made me smile :)

    "No, I’m a journalist from Moscow. Would you please lend me a pen, to write down the results?”

    “Ah, from Moscow – it’s good. Hey, how come Russia has oil, gas, but doesn’t have a pen? Here, take it, you owe me a cubic meter of gas.”

    good article in Kommersant on today's events in Maidan