Sunday, April 08, 2007

I've just noticed this correction on a New York Times piece by Andrew E. Kramer:

Correction: April 4, 2007

An article yesterday about the deepening crisis in Ukraine misidentified the political leader affiliated with the Our Ukraine Party. He is President Viktor A. Yushchenko, not Prime Minister Viktor F. Yanukovich.

It's becoming a trend to confuse one for the other.


  1. Thanks Neeka for noticing! and posting about it. On these occasions, I always have an initial laugh and then a sad sigh. Life. Ah.

  2. Another corrected article. This time from Bloomberg. "Ukraine's Premier, President Meet to Resolve Deadlock (Correct)"

    Spelled the president's name wrong in orig. article and it is interesting how Premier was placed first ahead of President in headline.