Friday, April 13, 2007

Mikhail Leontiev got totally hysterical a few minutes ago during an Osoboe Mneniye show with Matvei Ganapolskiy on Radio Echo of Moscow.

He was spitting out bad words - not mat, but still pretty bad for a live radio and TV show.

They were talking about tomorrow's Dissenters' March and what Gleb Pavlovsky said about a possible fight or two that the march might result in (but not bloodshed).

Kasparov, according to Leontiev, is an empty spot. But dangerous.

Leontiev, according to me, is a sick man.

Right now, he keeps saying mne nasrat' over and over - he doesn't give a fuck about someone's politics.

Pizdets kakoy-to.


  1. Leont'ev = debil. Even wikipedia knows (though he appears to have an honest background and then either lost his marbles or sold out to the gov't). While I was over there and watching, his "Odnako" program was some of the most irritating viewing in all of Russian state-run-newsdom, and that's saying something.

  2. I've forgotten how bad he was. It was really shocking today.


    For some reason, I feel terrible cursing in Russian in front of you, dear Lyndon :) Please forgive me.

    But I really needed to. So I won't erase it.


  3. I was showing Kostia your post and before he even got to the last line he said, "Da, Leontiev - polniy pizdets". :-) So I guess this is the general consensus.

  4. Guys, I was reading the news today and watching some footage of The March in Moscow. I was so happy that that many people got out and protested and I was very devastated to see how OMON treated those people. Right now the cost of freedom in Russia is extremely high.
    People like Leontiev with their brown noses are like cancer and there are a lot of them in Russia now. And like a cancer treatment: it is going to be very expensive and painful to remove it, but it is a matter of life and death.

  5. I have gathered lots of pictures from various sources of the mass protests that have taken place in Moscow this past Saturday (and tomorrow in St.Petersburg). Please visit my site!

  6. Veronica, don't feel bad, Leont'ev is offensive and deserves the characterization. And I've certainly been known to drop a few mat-bombs myself, even in polite conversation. And it appears the shoe fits in this case.

    Rurrik's pictures are outstanding, by the way. Well done!

  7. rurrik, your pictures made me cry from anger and helplessness. Great work, man!

  8. Aha, I have realized a bit of imprecise reading on my part - "I have gathered lots of pictures from various sources..."

    So our friend Rurrik was perhaps not at the march(es) with a fotoapparat, but then again he never claimed to be. Still, it's a good job of researching and assembling things from various sources. Rurrik, you may want to post links to people's ZhZh's or news sites - or wherever the photos are from. Simple netiquette... though many of the images link to Ekho Moskvy, I guess maybe that's the source of many of them.