Sunday, April 15, 2007

Here's a photo from yesterday, taken at Turgenevskaya, by the metro:

The rest will come later, they are nowhere near as nice as this one.

It was hard to take pictures - because the police were everywhere and at times it felt like photographing random people walking down the street, nothing special, a very routine part of the landscape.

I wasn't there when they were beating people - I think I was stuck in traffic half a block away from Novopushkinskiy Square at the time. Then I had to walk around quite a bit, because they weren't letting anyone approach either Novopushkinskiy (where the Young Guard stood) or Pushkinskaya (where the opposition got their asses kicked). So, basically, I didn't see any violence, nor did I see any opposition flags.

Didn't see the opposition marching to Turgenevskaya, either. I took a cab there myself, somewhat later, and you know, I totally didn't get it where Luzhkov had been imagining a rather huge crowd to squeeze itself in there - together with all those cops and army boys, or even without them. I got there at the very end, and the most memorable thing were all the cop girls, the cadets, I guess: many were wearing high heels, looking really absurd - don't they have dress code, or were those girls violating it?

From Turgenevskaya, I walked all the way to Bolotnaya (Swamp) Square, where the Rogozin and Potkin-Belov crowd had gathered. I was impressed with myself for being able to walk such a distance without feeling tired - and I wasn't really surprised to find that Moscow away from Pushkinskaya and Turgenevskaya showed no signs of anything extraordinary happening nearby. Reminded me of Kyiv, where one end of Khreshchatyk may be absolutely calm, and the other may have a mini-revolution going on.

Potkin-Belov is such a clown - but, more about it later: Marta isn't letting me type now.

Oh, and the reason I didn't write anything yesterday is because I fell asleep the same time Marta did, around 10:30 pm. Didn't happen to me in a while.


  1. Those are all female cops with the helmets?

    If so I guess they don't get to wear much makeup when on the job...


  2. no, no, no - those are the boys :)

    and actually, MOST of the females weren't wearing high heals - I've realized it after looking at the pictures once more. but i'm still wondering about those who were.