Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lemuel of Deleted By Tomorrow, a Slovak blog, posts a "quote for the day" - which I totally love:

Republicans claim the credit for everything good that happens, such as last year's anti-Syria protests in Lebanon, while Democrats claim the credit for everything bad, like the coup in Venezuela. The idea that the Lebanese and the Venezuelans might have had anything to do with it doesn’t compute.---Harry Hutton

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  1. Republicans claiming credit for everything good - well sure, every government in power does that. Democrats claiming credit for everything bad.... Huh?!? I have *no* idea where this comes from. Mostly this seems upside down. People in the US are all too well aware that events in other countries have not a lot to do with them and that others might just be happy to see the back side of us, our weapons, and our 'democratization' efforts. Bush's adventures seem to have finally beaten this understanding into people on this side of the Atlantic.