Friday, July 28, 2006

In the New York Times, a piece on Nabatiye, a town in Southern Lebanon, "eight miles north of the Israeli border," now more of a ghost town - Empty Silence, Occasional Rocket Blasts, and Anger in a Bombed-Out Hezbollah Town.

One of the residents quoted in the piece is Jamal Allau, a medical doctor treating Shirin Hamza, a 21-year-old bombing victim, whose "mother, father and brother were killed when the walls collapsed around them from the force of the blast":

“No political questions, O.K.?” said Dr. Jamal Allau.

Dr. Allau, who spoke fluent Russian after years of medical school in Ukraine, said people in the town had been surprised at the bombing of a gas station and parking garage, whose crumpled remains were visible through the window near Ms. Hamza’s hospital bed.

People like him are the ones I feel most sorry for on that side of the conflict: I doubt they ever had time to support the brainless imbeciles and their suicidal/homicidal politics.

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  1. Wow, a real doctor. I like this guy. The world needs more like him.