Friday, March 31, 2006

Photos from Ivanovo Orphanage here and here.

A group of wonderful Muscovites visited this orphanage on March 19 (not for the first time) and delivered toys, clothes, medicines, juices, etc.

Lots of info (in Russian) on how to help Russian orphanages is here, at the site called


An excerpt from the Q & A section of

I don't have much money - can I donate only 50 rubles [less than $2]?

For 50 rubles, it's possible to buy 10 pairs of socks, or 14 soap bars, or 5 bottles of kids' shampoo... Is this not a lot?


  1. I wish good luck and a good life for all of them.

    Let us hope the situation improves a little before they become adults, and after.

  2. What about info on how to help Russian orphanages on English language?