Friday, March 31, 2006

For those who read Ukrainian, here's a hilarious explanation of the voters' choices.

It's not really Ukrainian all the time, actually: the guy often switches into a kind of phonetical spelling that imitates both bad Ukrainian and bad Russian, and sometimes he's writing in that special lingo in which such words as roblyat' and lyublyat' are intentionally misspelled (letter 'd' replaces 't') and express the author's attitude to the actions described, as well as the original meaning.

Anyway, to read it, you need to be familiar with the two languages and other Ukrainian realities. But it's hilarious.


  1. I must say, I didn't find it funny. Bashing people, for who they are: "raboche - shahtarske rabstvo bez mazgiv" is a stupid strategy and never brings any good results.

    A place where you're born and the enviroment in which you are brought up is not a matter of choice, is it?

    Marek (Warsaw)

    So perhaps it's better to talk with these people and try to covince them, to change their way of thinking (I know it's difficult, but these are your compatriots) than insulting them, don't you find?

  2. sorry for puting signature in the wrong place. Stupid me

  3. You can never please everyone. A few people who voted for the ultra-nationalist Svoboda (Oleg Tyahnybok), for example, disagree, in the comments, with the statement that this party got its votes from those who checked the wrong box by mistake.

  4. I really can't believe, that a person , who - that's what you say - supports the idea of democracy, sees nothing wrong in calling thirty something percent of her fellow citizens "slaves with no brains". I always thought, that democracy is about acknowledging and respecting the choices of other people, even when you very strongly disagree with them.

    And from what you write you can understand, that the other political choices will be respected and acknowledged, as long as "making another choice" means giving votes to one of the "orange parties" (NU, BYUT and Moroz got neutral comments in this "hilarious" text)



  5. Democracy means everyone has a right to vote as he/she pleases - and it does not preclude anyone's right to have and to express his/her opinion of other people's choices, positive or negative.