Monday, March 27, 2006

Our Ukraine, Yulia and the Socialists have agreed on a coalition and will sign an agreement at 11 am tomorrow, according to Oleksandr Turchynov (via Ukrainska Pravda).

So what was the point of wasting all that paper on their separate campaigns? What was the use of breaking up so dramatically when they are so eager to reunite now?

It's good, but all these repetitions are just too tiresome.

Plus, I hate Oleksandr Moroz and his Socialist Party. I wouldn't trust them with my taxes, you know, no matter how much they want me to believe they are Socialists in the Swedish sense of the word.


Speaking of the Ukrainian Socialists and taxes, I spent a few minutes last Sunday trying to explain to a crazy woman working in a Socialist campaign tent that we were paying taxes to have Khreshchatyk cleaned after the invasion of people like her, with all their papers and shit, and that she had no right to tell me not to photograph her tent - being photographed was one of the reasons they kept turning Khreshchatyk into a balagan every weekend. She was really rude, really pissed at me, and I also told her not to mar her party's image - even though I believe that she was showing their true face and thus doing good to the whole mankind :)


  1. That is some true face! Not to be too flippant - but any woman who looked that much like a man, might be generally in a foul mood.

    Oops, that sounds downright sexist. Shame on me. :-)

  2. looks like "shapoklyak" from famous Soviet-Union cartoons ;)

  3. Could you tell me some substantial reasons why you dislike the Socialist Party so much, and why you don't believe that they are genuinely trying to be a Ukrainian version of a world class, real social-democratic party in contradistinction to the bullshit oligarchic socialist parties and unreformed CPU?

    I am asking this not as a challenge but really as a plea for what clarity you can shed on the matter of Ukraine's/Moroz's Socialist Party. . .

    What really have they done/do they stand for that makes write that you "hate" them?